Residential Re-Entry

Helping Men & Women Returning from the Federal System Transition to Home

Offered in Maryland

Located at 5000 E. Monument Street in Baltimore, MD, the program is designed to reduce the rate of recidivism through the provision of temporary housing and person-centered services to adult men and women referred by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Pretrial Services.

For general inquiries, please contact us at the phone number or email below:

Phone: (410) 276-5880 |

Since 1976, our Residential Re-entry Center (RRC) program has been providing the kind of structured and community-based support returning citizens need to effectively transition back into society. As the only Federal re-entry facility in the state of Maryland, the RRC serves over 600 men and women each year.

Our unique partnerships within local communities represents one of the nation’s best opportunities to engage citizens in the process of offering acceptance, service and guidance to formerly incarcerated citizens. These efforts not only provide life-changing benefits for the formerly incarcerated individual but also make a direct impact on the health and vitality of the local community.


All program participants are referred by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Pretrial Services.

Services Provided

The following services are provided and offered:

Hours of Operation

Mon. thru Thurs. – 9:00 AM- 9:00 PM
Fri. – 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM 


2019 Final Report

2022 Final Report

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