Gregory Andrews

For many of the clients we serve through our programs across our regions, their struggle may be more external and something you can see. Dealing with homelessness, having financial issues or maybe substance use disorder. But for some of our clients, like Gregory Andrews, the struggle is internal.

Gregory is 28 years old and a resident of our DC Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) program and residential services. He has been in our program since 2016 and has made great progress, but if you ask him, he’ll say the biggest difference is being in a place that really cares about you.

Gregory’s improvements can be both measured and seen. The staff will tell you that when he came in he was struggling with five behavioral issues including anger and aggressions, and now he is doing so much better. After our Trainspotting (BSP) clinicians provided interventions and counseling, his destructive behaviors diminished.

The staff can also point to the fact that when he first came to VOACC he required 24-hour supervision, and now, he can enjoy up to eight hours of unsupervised time each day. And it’s here that you can see where he shines.

“It’s a different kind of place here. They take the time to really talk to me. It’s good.”

Gregory is employed by Uber where he actively works and earns money. He has the ability to rent a car, work and use the money for the things that matter to him, like video games.

“I like sports games, but my favorite is Call of Duty.” He states.

Gregory is highly integrated into his community and maintains social relationship who can visit him and vice versa. VOACC has supported Mr. Andrews to not only achieve his goals but surpass them.

When asked where he might want to live one day when he leaves VOACC, the coast or the mountains? The answer was clear for this life-long DC resident,

“The city. I’m a city person.”

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