Gregory Evans

Originally from Maryland, Gregory Evans has always had a passion for music. There’s something about music as a form of creative expression, a way to process the world around us, and a way to bring people together that has always attracted him. For a number of years, Gregory had found his rhythm in life by instructing youth in music education and working at a local music store where he sold music and repaired instruments for customers.

For Gregory, life was good until his rhythm was broken unexpectedly. After losing his job and experiencing a difficult breakup with a significant other, Gregory became severely depressed. Unable to keep up with mounting bills during his job search, Gregory eventually became homeless. In a very short amount of time, Gregory felt as though he had lost everything. Music no longer consoled him in the way that it had before. He eventually turned to alcoholism and began experimenting with meth to cope with his pain.

For four years, Gregory struggled with homelessness and addiction. Then one day, after being discharged from a hospital in DC, Gregory was referred to our Hope Has A Home™ program. Hope Has A Home™ is an innovative, low-barrier program designed to help DC residents like Gregory who have experienced homelessness and need a safe environment where they can recover from a chronic illness, substance use disorder or other physical ailment and ultimately transition into permanent housing.

“I had been in and out of the hospital several times and this program gave me a place to get back on my feet.”

Thanks to you, Gregory is turning a new leaf in his life and is excited for the future. Since arriving at our program late last year, he has been able to work towards recovery and securing a place of his own through the support of our staff and program partners.

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