Will Monroe

Growing up in Raeford, NC, William Monroe had a strong feeling he wouldn’t spend his entire life in this small city, the county seat of Hoke County.He was always inspired by his grandad who served as a Military Police Officer in the Army during WWII. So when he was old enough, he too joined the Army, and soon became an MP as well.

Retiring after 11 years as Seargeant, Will – as he’s known by friends and family – had been stationed in Germany, Georgia and Texas. After leaving the military in 1998, he decided to stay in Texas and continue his law enforcement training. He attended the police academy in San Antonio and served as a police officer there for another 11 years.

Then the unthinkable happened.

One day while working, Will attempted to deescalate a situation between a suspect at a store and a security guard. During the incident he injured his back, which unfortunately brought an end to his law enforcement career.

In 2012, still wanting to serve his county, Will moved to Washington DC and worked for two years with the U.S. Department of Labor. But after he father fell ill two years later, he decided to move back to North Carolina to help take care of him.

Now 53, Will lives in Fayetteville, NC on land he shares with other family members. Although his father is doing much better, Will’s worsening back injury has prevented him from working since 2019. That’s when Will reached out to VOACC and was introduced to his case manager, Lee Hair.

“First impressions have always been important to me and Lee had a great first impression. He is sweet and so pleasant. She does what she can, and goes above and beyond.”

With Lee’s help, we’ve helped Will get his VA medical care, service-connected disability benefits and his Social Security disability benefits.But our staff didn’t stop there! During this past winter, Lee helped Will get a new space heater and is currently working with the Cumberland County Housing Rehabilitation Program to make improvements to Will’s older home.

“It is so refreshing to actually get the help and services that are promised.”

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